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Designer Soragim, Now Affordable:

סורגים בעיצוב: דוגמאות אישים במחירים ואיכות הטובים ביותר

Custom Designer Gates & Doors

שערים, מעקות ועוד. אומנות בברזל באזור ירושלים, בית שמש והמרכז

Zakon Metal Works: A Revolution

  • Metal Works Israel provides window bars, railings, steel structures, window frames, electric gates, enclosures, aluminum & more.
  • Metal Works Israel builds everything from scratch in our factory. This allows us to offer the highest quality at affordable pricing.
  • Metal Works Israel provides Anglo style high levels of customer service with a long term client centric approach.
  • Metal Works Israel has over 15 years of combined experience in our industry in the United States and Israel.
  • Metal Works Israel provides solutions for the Industrial, Government, Commercial & Residential sectors.
  • Metal Works Israel has redefined our industry with our high end solid metal products & service.
  • Metal Works Israel provides wholesale rates to general contractors & purchasing groups.

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Zakon Metal Works has done many jobs for me over the years and I keep coming back to them. In Givat Zeev they did the bars for my whole entire 220 Sq. meter penthouse including an extension to the balcony railing extending 15 sq. meters around. We recently purchased a home in Ramat Beit Shemesh and we Metal Works Israel did our window bars, doors, gates and even built us a shed. David and Rashbi are great people with big hearts and were sensitive to every need or desire I had regarding the work. The quality and service were both amazing. The price was the best I can find. For my standard bars in Givat Zeev they were the cheapest and for my high end designer bars in Beit Shemesh they were also the cheapest. - Daniel Rosenfeld
Daniel Rosenfeld, Happy Client

Phone Number:
David: 052-885-5653

Address :
Tsipora St 11/13 Jerusalem, Israel 9362531


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